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Product code: TB10
Number view: 1767
Pesticide’s trade name: PARAMAX 400SC
Component: Azoxystrobin …250g/L + Difenoconazole …150g/L + Additive… 600g/L.
Mode of action: Paramax 400SC is asystemic fungicide for control of a range of fungal leaf diseases in crops. It has preventative, antisporulantand early curative action with leaf disease control for up to 2 weeks.
Organophosphorus and benzimidazole‐type compounds gave powerful suppression for at least 18 days:
- Azoxystrobin is an inhibitor of mitochondrial respiration by blocking electron transfer. As a result, fungi will dead because of losing ATP.
- The mode of action of difenoconazole is that it is a sterol demethylation inhibitor, which prevents the development of the fungus by inhibiting cell membrane ergosterol biosynthesis.
Packing: 100ml or 240ml for bottle.
                  Apply times of PARAMAX 400SC on rice
Fungal disease
Dosage and method of application
Fungal diseases of rice grains, sheath blight  disease, blast disease, red triple disease, …
Mix 25 ml per 25 water litters.
Spraying volume: 320 Litter for a hectare
Anthracnose, …
Powdery mildew, Downy Mildew, …
Dragon fruit
Brown spots, …
- PHI: 7 day.
- Ensure thorough coverage of leaves and stems.
- Apply at first sign of disease or as a protectant when disease risk is high.
- Should combine Paramax 400SC and Nyro 0.01SL in two stages above to get perfectly effective.
- It is available to combine with common pesticides, except high alkaline or acid pesticide.

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