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Product code: TB03
Number view: 1156
Pesticide’s trade name: BINYVIL 80WP
Component: Mancozeb … 720g/kg + Fosetyl-aluminium … 80g/kg + Additive … 200g/kg
Product’s advantages:
- Contact action, perfect coverage and translaminar activity.
- Systemic fungicide with two ways translocation.
- Dual mode of action.
Mode of action: BINYVIL 80WP is a fungicide with the combine of two active ingredients Mancozeb and Forsetyl- aluminium. In detail,
Mancozebis a broad-spectrum protectant fungicide for the control of a wide range of diseases in agricultural and horticultural. This ingredient will control a fungal disease before fungal spores germinate so that we should apply this to prevent diseases on crops.
Fosetyl-aluminiumis a systemic fungicide with protectant action against a number of oomycete and ascomycete fungi and some plant pathogenic bacteria in a range of fruit, vegetables and ornamental crops. This active ingredient inhibits fungal spore germination and new spore formation.
Fosetyl-aluminium is rapidly absorbed through both leaves, roots and two ways translocation.
Packing:100g or 1kg for sachets
Fungal diseases
Method of application
Spray volume: 320 Liter for one hectare
Red triple disease, 
Fungal diseases of rice grains
1 kg per ha
Apply at pre-flowering and after flowering about 5-7 days.
Powdery mildew, …
1 kg per ha
Apply every 5-7 days
Anthracnose, …
Begin application on appearance of disease and repeat at 7-10 day intervals.
  • PHI: 7 days.
  • It is available to combine with common pesticides, except foliar fertilizers. And it is not compatible with Bordeaux mixture or lime Sulphur.

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